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archtop GUITARS

Each Wandering Boy guitar is custom-made, meaning the instrument 
can be tailored for you, 
drawing upon a diverse range of inspiration from
the guitars of this golden era of sound. 

Please use the Contact page to discuss all options and pricing.

IMG_6460 etch.png


New for 2024!


Introducing three beautiful new archtop models! 

I have taken inspiration from Gibson's 1920s round hole archtops and created new models in three different sizes that Gibson never released.

My WB-3 is the smallest model at 13.75" wide, the WB-4 is a medium size at 14.75" and the WB-5 is the largest at 15.75".


All have 13 frets and 24.75” scale, 1.75” nut width and 12’ fretboard radius.

There is something special about the 13 fret design, which gives the guitar a little extra delicacy and projection, and the round hole improves the warmth and bass response. 

As with all my guitars, the aesthetics of archtops can be modified to your tastes.  

You can check out the archtop gallery here

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