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Wandering Boy Guitars ​is the expression of my love for the cultural explosion of the early 20th century - instruments that are the culmination of my life's work as a woodworker, designer and illustrator.


My guitars are closely based on Stella guitars made by the Oscar Schmidt factory in the 1920s and early 1930s. Their ladder braced guitars have a unique tone that just grabs me and takes me to a time of great creativity and inventiveness -  a tone that invokes the smell of horses, the rumble of Model T Fords, the syncopated rhythm of steam trains and the sound of ragtime, jazz and blues. 

I am focused on using period-correct materials wherever possible, using slowly seasoned tone woods, hide glue and french polished shellac finish.

Each Wandering Boy guitar is custom-made for the client, drawing upon
a diverse range of inspiration from the original guitars. 

 – Jack Tarlinton

We can work together on your preferences for:


Fretboard material

Pearl inlay


Tone wood

Purfling and rosette


Headstock veneer

Please use the contact page to start the conversation regarding all options and pricing.

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